Link’s Penguin Habitat 🐧

I’m that mom that will go overboard for my kids school project. I’m sure the teacher looks at a project and right away thinks, ‘I know your kid didn’t do this, you did’. I can’t take all the credit thought. Link made the decision on what habitat he wanted. I would give him things to glue but he wanted me to do it. So pretty much, he was the boss and I was the worker.

Originally I wanted to do a panda habitat but that was my idea, not Links’. We went to our local craft store to get cute little figurines of something. Our choices were farm animals, pandas, insects, butterflies, safari animals, sharks, and penguins. He was eyeing the dragons but the habitat had to be of a real living animal. Dragons are still questionable. He went with the penguins. I did a little googling to get an idea on what to do. Luckily the color scheme is simple; blue tones and white.

Luckily I had an Amazon box and started working on it. A few hours later and countless breaks, we were done. Link very much loved the end result.

Originally it was only going to be penguins in the snow but I really liked the idea of having a penguin ‘swimming’ underwater. It just looks so cute. I could have added more stuff but I think the simple look is nice.

The teacher thought it was so cute, the swimming penguin. Project was a success. Zelda wanted me to make her one. I told her when her teacher assigns an animal habitat project, I will gladly help her.

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