Cosplay: Princess Peach

Mario Day, March 10, came and went and I spontaneously wanted to wear my Princess Peach costume I made back in 2011 to celebrate the day. It didn’t go as planned but I still had fun taking pictures.

My body is no where close to what it was back in 2011. I couldn’t even zip up the back even if I tried. I tried putting the skirt but it wouldn’t go past my thighs. I tried over my head but my boobs wouldn’t let me. So yeah, no way I’ll ever wear this costume again unless I lose close to 30 pounds which sounds insane to me.

If only I had an old picture when I first wore this costume. I was proud of what I made but I had no confidence to rock it. I was shy. I still am sometimes but not to the extend I was before. I did improve on my makeup skills and also wig styling. I think I was able to achieve Princess Peach round full lips. The wig is still the same one. It’s old but it still serves me well. I styled the bangs a little which I do think made the difference.

I would like to make another Princess Peach costume. Not sure which version since there are many. She’s a fun character and iconic. If you know who Mario is, you definitely know who is Princess Peach.

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