Staying Positive and Active

My body is slowly getting back to normal. Considering that my hysterectomy was 4 months ago, my recovery has been great. I started doing yoga about a month ago to be active. A month later, I have noticed a difference; My bad aches have decrease and I started running again. Yoga has made running a joy by improving my breathing and I don’t feel pain on my knees anymore after a run. It’s amazing.

Just this week I started going to the gym. My sister in law is such a good trainer and it’s motivating going with friends. She shows no mercy. I was sore by the second day and I planned on calling out the third day but I felt guilty on doing that. I said to myself, ‘Fuck it! Let’s go’. Once I was there, I knew I made the right choice. So yeah, I’ve been keeping busy and it’s a good change.

I’m focusing on myself because I want to be in good health. There’s nothing wrong with that but I’m starting to realize I’m so immense on my well being because I’m worried that not everything is alright with me. I have an ultrasound coming up to check on my breasts because I’ve been experiencing pain. I thought it was just breast tenderness and my body still acting like it has a monthly period cycle. My doctor did feel something unusual on my left breast. I’m secretly anxious but I’m trying to stay cool and distract myself. I’m really hoping it’s nothing serious. In a month I’ll be getting my birth control implant removed since I don’t have no use for it now. I don’t know why it wasn’t removed when my hysterectomy was done but honestly, I wasn’t thinking about it. I am now and maybe since it’s still releasing hormones that I don’t need, maybe it can be the cause of my breast pain.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster but I’m staying positive and active.

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