The Grand Canyon, Arizona

I grew up seeing the Grand Canyon through movies and books. Yes, it does look cool but that was it, nothing to be mesmerized about. I still wanted to check it out myself because seeing is believing. After all the trouble we went through to get there, it was well worth it in the end.

Tell me why I thought the whole time we had to drive uphill for miles to see the Grand Canyon. As we made our way there, I was waiting when we will be ascending. It never came. It was a smooth ride there. When I saw the sign that we arrived, I couldn’t believe it. I looked around wondering where it is. We followed the signs to the Grand Canyon and when we reached the rail, I was blown away by what I was seeing. All I had to do was look forward and see the vastness of it all.

I kinda had an idea what I was expecting to see but once I was there and saw it myself, it took my breath away. I felt so small compare to this national landmark. It’s truly amazing how beautiful the world is. We only meant to stay 3 hours and explore just a little but we ended up staying to see the sunset in the horizon. I honestly didn’t want to stay so long but after seeing that sunset and the sky change, it’s a beautiful sight to see.

The Grand Canyon is a magnificent place. The way it’s shown in movies and books is great but you really have to be there to experience how grand it really is.

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