Crazy Hair Day

Any fun activity going on in school, I make sure the kids join in on the fun. I don’t want them to feel left out. Crazy Hair Day was coming up so I started searching in my phone for any ideas. I was thinking of recreating the milkshake look from last year but I didn’t have disposable cups.

I came across the ‘donut’ hair style. It looked easy to make. I would have wanted to be more creative but I didn’t want to wake up Zelda too early. I was putting myself down for doing something simple but she was so happy with her donut hair. She had a fun day.

Since Link doesn’t start school until 11am, I had more time to make his hairstyle. I was thinking of painting his whole hair blue, style it as a big wave, and put a surfer or shark inside the wave. I couldn’t find a toy that would be comfortable to be on Link’s head. Right before going to bed, I got the idea to do a volcano. Link’s hair is long enough so i went with it.

Originally I was only going to do a volcano but as I was styling his hair, I got the idea to add cotton on top of the volcano to mimic smoke and use hairspray/hair gel as glue. I thought it would be a great idea to paint the rest of the hair blue to give the illusion it’s a volcano in the ocean.

Link loved his hair. His classmates thought it was really cool. After school, Zelda and Link were able to see each other’s hairstyle and they loved it. Crazy hair day: Success =^.^=

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