Mini 626 Night Market

I always wanted to go to the 626 Night Market. I would hear good things but also bad. The good being the delicious food. The bad stuff is the long lines and how crowded it gets. When my friend told me of a ‘mini’ 626 Market, and it’s free, we were excited to go check it out. This one took place in Santa Monica close to 3rd street promenade.

The event is free but we still had to reserve tickets online. The line to get in went pretty quick. Once inside, we started looking around on what food we wanted to try out.

Getting an alcoholic drink was quick since everyone there mainly goes for the food.

The ramen burger was good, taste like a burger. Obviously the hype is the ramen ‘bun’. I think everyone in our group agreed the ramen was plain in flavor and needed seasoning. We still ate it. The pizza dumplings were the kid’s favorite.

Ordering the food took about 5 minutes. It would be about a 15-20 minute wait to pick up, depending on the food. My husband and I decided to split up. I went to go order the unicorn mozzarella stick while he was in line to get the watermelon drink.

Everything that we tried was good. We weren’t really a fan of the rainbow mozzarella stick. I would have gotten something else but Zelda really wanted to try it. After taking 2 bites, she didn’t want it. I don’t think she liked the sauce that was sizzled on top. I ate it.

It was a fun day and the kids enjoyed it. When the big 626 Night Market pops up in Arcadia, I definitely want to go check it out. Tips: go on an empty stomach and pace yourself. Don’t force yourself to eat something because you’ll regret it later. Overall. Great time =^.^=

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