Cheers to Good Health

I couldn’t wait until late April to get my implant removed from my right arm. I had a feeling that was the cause of my breast pain. I called Planned Parenthood to find out if possibly they can remove it. I got an appointment for the next day early in the morning. So quick and painless, the implant was removed. The doctors office called me the next day regarding my ultrasound results and everything is normal. What a relief. It’s been 4 days since then and the breast pain has gone down considerably. They also don’t appear to be swollen. Today I went for a run and my sports bra doesn’t feel as tight as before. A major improvement and I’m so happy.

Now that I know everything is fine, I’ll be officially signing up to the gym. I’ve been going as a ‘guest’ with my friend these past 3 weeks. I’ve been wanting to go in the morning after dropping off Zelda to school and sometimes in the weekend. Now that I know my health is great, I’m going to be hitting the gym more.

My husband and I went out to celebrate the news. I do think things are slowly turning around for the better, my health that is. Cheers!

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