Lovely Christmas

I finally got my family Pj Christmas picture. I bought these pajamas last year and we did wear them but by the time I remembered to take a family picture, the kids were already asleep. I said to myself, “oh well, there’s always next year”. One year later and here we are.

Christmas Eve. and Christmas Day was spend with family and friends. We ate pozole at my moms and tamales at my mother-in-laws. Clearly there is no diet around this time. There was a little bit of drinking too but not too much. Just enough for a good time.

Like any special occasion, took a couple of fun pictures. The kids enjoy the filters around this time. Any chance both kids are in the mood, I ask for a picture.

My Zelda never lets me down on a good photo opportunity. She’ll ask me to take a picture of her whenever there’s something cute or cool around her.

My Secret Santa was awesome. I loved everything. My friend also stopped by to drop off a gift. It’s a nice warm feeling whenever I get any gift really.

Christmas was such a joy this year. Maybe it has something with what happened to me but I’m happy and grateful. It felt ‘special’. I honestly feel a switch was flicked when I woke up from my surgery. Still feeling awesome.

Wishing everyone had a lovely Christmas. I know times are still tough. Be safe out there and be kind to one another.

BONUS PICTURE! Triforce was not amused. I was already a little ‘jolly’ when I decided to take this selfie.

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