Level 7 Unlocked

We had a fun time for Zelda’s birthday. We went to the theater to see Sing 2. I wasn’t sure if the kids were going to like it. They had a blast. The whole time they were smiling and dancing to the music. I felt kinda bad because I rarely take them to the movies. After seeing how excited they were, I’ll make sure I take them whenever there’s a fun animated movie.

After the theater, we went to Golf n Stuff for some arcade fun and mini golf of course. Kids loved every minute of it. Link would get a little frustrated when the ball wouldn’t go in the hole so we would help out. Before leaving, we redeemed the tickets from the arcades for silly little toys that the kids picked.

Originally I wanted to go to a restaurant for food. I asked Zelda and she wanted McDonald’s. It’s her birthday so we got McDonald’s instead. We took the food back home and rested for a bit. In the meantime, I gave her a couple of gifts to open. She loved the pink light up wheelie shoes we got her. I know she has roller skates but she’s still scared on letting go of my hand. I kinda figured that the wheelie shoes would help her lose that fear.

We went to the store for some Christmas shopping but all we got was a gift card. It was still a nice walk minus the traffic and people. I was thinking of getting an horchata frappe for myself and one for Zelda but she didn’t want one. So I said for another day then. She wore her light up shoes and she liked very much how bright they are.

So her actual birth day was chill, nothing crazy. We still had fun. We did celebrate this passed Sunday with friends, food, and donuts instead of cake. Zelda wanted to be a ladybug so I surprised her with a costume and I created a backdrop for pictures. It was simple but she was so happy. It’s the little things that make a kid smile.

I can’t believe she’s 7 now. I still remember when I would hold her in my arms. The time just flies. She’s becoming a kind funny girl. She’s so caring of others and can be sympathetic. She gets emotional when watching a movie, like me. Her jokes are silly and they make me laugh. She’s growing up to be a great girl.

Happy 7th Birthday Zelda❤️ Mommy, Daddy, Link, and Triforce love you so much.

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