Stronger and Happier

It’s been 3 weeks since my hysterectomy. I felt last week just sped by. I had my doctor’s appointment last Wednesday. Prior to my visit, I started experiencing a burning feeling close to the left side of my incision. I thought it was the surgical tape that was pulling on my skin too tight. I carefully removed 2 tapes. I do think it helped a bit but not that much. I would take pain meds if the pain got bad. I noticed I only got the pain and the burning feeling when I would walk and as I kept walking, the pain would get worse. The pain would go away when I would sit and relax. There was a day when the burning felt horrible and I wasn’t close to anything I can sit on. I held on to the door frame and slowly went down so I can sit on the floor. That only made it worse. At some point I couldn’t take it and let go. It was not a graceful fall but I felt instant relief. I learned that day not to push myself too much.

In my doctor’s appointment, my doctor removed the last remaining surgical tapes. I was expecting it to hurt since I struggled removing 2 pieces but it didn’t. She was impressed how well I was healing considering it’s been 2 weeks since my surgery. She told me to take it easy still. She also told me the test results of the fibroid. The results are non cancerous. Very lucky. I was also made aware of a cyst that was removed from my right ovary. Also non cancerous. So everything looks great from the outside. In 3 weeks I’ll be seeing her again to check how I’m healing from the inside. Very happy and amazing news.

Everyday I’m feeling stronger and happier. My aura feels so light and warm. I still get tired and need to take breaks but I’m content.

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