Christmas Time is Here

I’m still not fully recovered but I wasn’t going to wait to take out the Christmas decor. I’m in a much happier mood because of how well my surgery went and seeing the house decorated would only make me feel even better.

My theme this year originally was a green, white, gold, brown, nude Christmas. I tried looking for decorations before my surgery. My go-to stores is the 99cent store, Target Dollar Spot, and Dollar tree. I only splurge on an item if I really really want it.

There wasn’t that many green decor. Well, there was but it was mainly a lime color or the green was combined with red. I don’t want red at all. So in the end, the color scheme is white, brown, and nude. I was thinking of adding a little gold for the sparkle but I thought it would ruin the ‘simple and clean’ look I was going for now.

Instead of spheres, I got these wooden ornaments with cute Christmas characters. Each packet came with 4 ornaments and was only 50 cents. I grabbed 4. I started decorating the tree and honestly I was winging it. I kept moving the decorations around until I was happy. Originally I was looking for a nice green ribbon to put around a tree. I didn’t find one I liked. I thought the tree looked ‘naked’ without something wrapped around it. I did add the pompom chain and nude beads I got from the 99cent store but a ribbon was missing. I got the idea to cut long pieces from the burlap I bought at Walmart. That was it! I loved it on the tree. I have pinecones that I collected 2 years ago and added a couple to the tree to add a darker shade brown. I loved how the tree turned out. The only gold it has is the star which I think is just the right sparkle.


Once the tree was finished, it was the inspiration I needed to decorate everything else. Now that I think about it, I always decorate the tree first before I decorate anywhere else.

At night

I decided to clear out the top of the video game cabinet to create a cute display. The deer set I got this year from Target online and they are so adorable. The houses are from Target last year. I’ve been buying mini trees for the last 3 years now and I still want more but I’m happy how this turned out. I think this is the first time I do something like this and I love it. I’ll be doing it every year now according to theme.


This is our mail table where we place any packages and letters we receive. I later on added burlap on top of the white fabric because I felt something was missing. I still think something is missing but I can’t add to much here because this table gets filled up with packages. I’m happy with the look overall.

I’m happy that I managed to avoid red. I don’t have anything against red, I just didn’t want red this year. I wanted something ‘nude’, ‘simple’ and ‘clean’ and I got that. After my surgery, I feel like I’m starting my life again, if that makes sense. Or better yet, a new chapter, starting out ‘simple and clean’ and I wanted to show that in my Christmas tree.

The kids love the decor and tree but then they switch the color on the tree. I don’t mind, it looks nice either way. Best of both worlds.

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