Arctic Fox Hair Dye: Sunset Orange

My yellow hair faded out nicely and I was close to touching up the color. I decided not to. As much as I loved the yellow, I felt I would be happier if I moved on to orange. The yellow hair kept my spirits up but that chapter is done. At the time, I wasn’t doing so good mentally and physically. I felt so insecure about my body and it was kinda messing with my head. After the surgery, I was tired but very much happy. I wanted a new look for the new me. A week later, I changed my hair orange.

Since orange is darker than yellow, it wasn’t necessary to remove the color from my hair. I simply applied the orange on top of the yellow. I did have a little bit of Cosmic Sunshine left, so I used it all up by mixing it with Sunset Orange. I don’t think it changed the color much. The mix still very much looked bright orange.

I only applied the dye on the yellow bottom parts of my hair. I left my roots alone since I knew it wasn’t going to do anything to them. I did apply the dye in certain parts of my roots to see if it would stain my gray hairs. The short answer: no it didn’t. Good to know.

I only meant to leave the dye on my hair for 30 minutes. An hour passed and when I saw my hair, it looked red. I asked my kids and they said it was red. I was getting bummed out that it was going to be red but after washing it off, everything was alright.

After letting my hair air dry and styling it, the overall color, to me, was an orange red. It reminded me of a sunset. Depending on the lighting, it looks red or orange or a combination of both. Either way, I’m happy with it.

So another color I said I would never do. Well, I did and I love it. I honestly don’t think there’s a color I hate. I did green and yellow which I thought would be horrible hair colors. Turns out, they’re my favorite. Now orange is third.

A week has passed and the color does look more orange now. I only wash my hair once a week during the colder season. I think using heating products like my straighter also lightens the color a bit. I still like it. Hopefully I get a nice pastel orange look as I keep washing it.

P.s. A couple of my friends said the color reminds them of Leeloo from the movie The Fifth Element and I agree it does. My bangs are that short and choppy too.

Here’s a short video of me dying my hair orange:

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