A Happy Halloween Weekend

Our Halloween weekend was quite busy. It began on Friday. It was Sports Day at school so Zelda wore a shirt of the Dodgers. We have students of other religions that attend school which is why the school doesn’t celebrate Halloween during class hours. Normally there is a Halloween festival after school which allows the students to dress up. Unfortunately it was canceled this year. Link was able to wear his costume so we took advantage. His pre-k class is separate from the school and everyone was okay on dressing up.

Later that night, my husband and I went out. I was so excited to wear my costume. I decided to wear my Poison Ivy. The moment we arrived at the place, I started dancing and didn’t stop. It was so much fun.

The plan for Saturday was to go to a pumpkin patch and go out to eat after. I loved Pa’s Pumpkin Patch located in Long Beach but I didn’t know we had to do reservations and the day was completely sold out. We found another one located in Whittier but it was so small. Kids had fun though so that’s what matters. We went to eat after and then head home. The kids wanted to stay at Grandmas so they slept over.

I took advantage of going out again since the kids stayed over at grandmas. I really wanted to wear heels with my costume but I knew my feet would not be able to handle it. I still felt cute. I wore my Oogie Boogie costume.

We ended up going to a house party which was a Halloween Birthday celebration. It was awkward at first since we didn’t know everyone but after someone approached me and encouraged me to go to the bar, I took a breath and out I went. After that, we danced the whole night. The party kept going but we were tired at 2am. It’s a good thing I didn’t go in heels because I would have taken them off.

2 nights in a row! Who do I think I am? I’m not in my 20’s anymore and I can definitely feel it in my body. My feet were aching after all that dancing. I had a blast though.

Halloween morning was slow since the kids were still at grandmas so I took advantage of sleeping in. A little after 1pm, grandma dropped them off and we started decorating a gingerbread haunted house. We played Halloween movies on the TV to get in the spirit.

Once 6pm rolled in, we drove to the park to check out the Halloween festival. We checked out the costume contest and did a bit of trick or treating around the neighborhood. Went back home around 8pm and started giving out candy. There wasn’t many kids passing by our neighborhood but whoever did got a handful of candy. We meant to end the night with karaoke but everyone was tired. I think it was fun Halloween night.

And so, October came and went. I wanted to do so much more but that’s okay. I’m happy with what I manage to do and the kids had fun and that’s what matters. It was a fun Halloween.

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