Cosplay: Oogie Boogie

As I get older, my character choices have changed. Instead of being the ‘sexy’ or the ‘main character’, now I want to be the villain or the funny character. When cosplaying as a family, I want my kids to be the center of attention and I’m just an accessory but I like putting a twist or unique style to my character. In the case of Oogie Boogie, I made a design that kept the shape of the character but made it practical, comfy, and cute. I was browsing around online and looking at other people’s version of Oogie Boogie. They were great but I didn’t like that most cosplays were a long dress with a corset, a hoodie, and tulle. But that’s their version and that’s okay. They did give me ideas for mine.

Once I had a design made, I headed off to the thrift store hoping to find something. I was in luck. I found the perfect fabric. They were curtains but the material is soft to wear. Almost 6 yards of fabric for only $10.

I used one of my dresses as a template to cut a pattern. After sewing it up and making some adjustments, the costume was taking shape slowly. I was thinking of adding a zipper on the back but the opening of the head area was fine and I liked the rough ends of the collar.

I wanted the end of the sleeves to be pointy and mimic Oogie Boogie’s hands. I made sure they were long enough to cover my hands.

After trimming the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, I sewed the ends and gather little bits of fabric on the ends of the dress to give it a round shape.

I bought black yarn from Walmart and used a hot glue gun to attach the yarn to the dress.

The hat was simple to make. I measured my head with a wig on so the hat would be comfy. The shape of the hat is a curved triangle. I made a spider out of yarn which is a pompom. I used black felt for the eyes and glued them to the hat.

At this point the costume is done and I’m happy with it. I did change certain things from the original design but it’s fine. At the very last minute before I decided to wear it, I wanted to add lights. I bought a string of battery powered green lights and used the hot glue gun to stick them to the bottom of the costume. I was planning on doing the same with the hat but I changed my mind. In the end, I loved how my costume came out.

I got my green wig from Amazon and I looked around the house for dice but all I found were my Yugioh dice. Still cute and a nice pop of color.

So originally the opening of the neck should be in the back but I loved it more being in the front. The material is a little on the thick side so it’s nice to have a small opening in the front for air. I wore this again on Halloween Eve and Halloween night. The night was chilly so I wasn’t cold at all.

This costume is so fun to wear and every time I wear it, someone always compliments me on it. It’s a simple Oogie Boogie costume but it’s different.

I definitely felt cute and being Oogie Boogie made me act more lively, outgoing, and cheery in a way. Despite my health issues and body insecurities, this costume made me forget all that for a bit. It’s a fun outfit to wear indeed.

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