Happy 5th Birthday Link

It brings me so much joy but sadness that my boy is growing up. I don’t know if I want any more kids so it’s sad that my youngest one is 5 already. I am happy thought because Link is becoming a wonderful little gentleman.

His actual birthday landed on a Tuesday so we didn’t do much but buy a cake and sing Happy Birthday. I think 5 years old is a milestone, so I wanted to make a small gathering on the weekend. We usually throw a small Halloween party with close friends so we decided to do a birthday Halloween party; costume required.

Link had such a great time. He enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up. It was a small party but nothing short of fun.

I wasn’t planning on making a cake but I would have felt awful if I didn’t. I wanted something that fit the occasion and that Link would love. I did a Boo cake. I meant to add a crown and small Mario references but I ran out of time. Link loved the cake either way. Seeing how happy he was when he saw it made my heart warm up with joy. I’m glad I made the cake. It was simple but cute.

We stayed up late and eventually everyone went home. Link ended up getting sick since he refused to wear a sweater but he’s better now. That just means he had a lot of fun.

My little boy is 5 years old and I’m crying. No matter what, he’s a mommas boy. I’ll try not to be over protective but I can’t guarantee that. But I can understand why certain moms out there feel that no other girl can make their son happy. I hope I don’t turn out like that. Well, I don’t have to worry about that for another ten years or so. Hopefully.

Happy Birthday Link❤️ Mommy loves you

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