Arctic Fox Hair Color: Cosmic Sunshine

Before I did anything, I got the impulse to cut my hair shorter. Lately I’ve been feeling like my hair doesn’t have a style. It’s so choppy and uneven. I’ve been wanting a blunt cut, kinda like a bob cut. I grabbed the sheers after a shower and decided to cut my hair. I felt much better after. I was ready to continue on my hair journey.

I know I said I wasn’t going to use bleach again but I had to this time around to get rid of the blue. My original plan was to let the blue fade out so I can apply yellow hair dye but it was taking forever and I was done with blue. I was thinking of buying a color remover but those smell so bad in my opinion. I was also thinking about the vitamin C method and the dish soap with baking soda but those dry up my hair super bad. In the end I did a bleach wash which is bleach, 20 volume developer, and shampoo mixed together. I was very careful not to apply this mixture on my roots because it will bleach them. The process was so slow but after much patience and caution, I think I did a good job on getting the blue out. I did notice 3 spots that have a light tint of blue but I didn’t think it would be so noticeable after drying my hair so I let it be.

I did add a little bit of conditioner to the hair dye but it’s very little. The yellow was still very pigmented. I wasn’t planning on wearing gloves but then I noticed that one of my fingers was stained yellow when I accidentally touched the hair dye.

I started applying the hair dye and I left it on for about 1 hour. After washing it off, I let my hair air dry and on the next day, I styled it.

I feel like a walking sunshine and I love it. It’s definitely different but pretty. The blue was starting to make me feel sad but the yellow rejuvenated me. I did notice a spot on the back of my head that has a small tint of green since yellow and blue make green but I’m okay with it. No big deal.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with the yellow. I do know that the next color I’m doing is orange. I might mix it with Cosmic Sunshine, might not. Not sure yet. Overall, love the results. I’m glad I took another risk on another crazy color.

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