Lice!!! Oh no

Never did I ever think my kids would get lice. Well, it happened. About 2 weeks ago my kids had lice. How mortified I was when I discovered the pesky bugs on their head.

I first noticed on a Wednesday afternoon after picking up Link from Preschool. As we waited for Zelda to come out of school, I randomly checked Link’s head. I noticed there was white dots in his hair. I thought it was dandruff but as I tried removing them, they wouldn’t budge. I was perplexed. I started checking all around his head and when I checked the front part of his head, his bangs, there were so many white dots! I knew then and there, they were nits and Link had lice. Once Zelda was out of class, we rushed it back home and I began the process of getting rid of the bugs.

I wasn’t sure if Zelda had any but I didn’t risk it. I covered the kid’s hair with mayonnaise and left it on there for about 4 hours. In the meantime, I started washing all the bed covers, towels, anything else the kids head have been laying on recently. I asked my husband to buy me a shampoo my mom recommended on his way home.

Before washing the mayonnaise off, I passed the comb that came with the shampoo. On Link I found 4 big lice and on Zelda only 1 big one. I used the shampoo and after the shower, I passed the comb again. I send a message to the teachers about the situation letting them know they won’t be going to school for the next 2 days.

I did the whole process all over again the next day without the mayonnaise. I ordered a lice comb from Amazon because I didn’t like the one I had. It was Thursday and it wouldn’t arrive until the next day. I also ordered a lice repellent shampoo and a lice daily repel conditioning spray.

Friday came, the comb and shampoo stuff arrived. After showering, I used the new comb and I was amazed how many nits and lice were still on Link’s hair. Zelda also had a couple. This comb is so worth it and will pluck out everything. I threw away the other comb I had.

I did the process again on Saturday and by Sunday, they were clean and lice-free. The kids went back to school on Monday. I do check every 3 days or so. I honestly don’t know where they could have gotten them. Could be from school but I don’t know. I read that it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to discover you have them. I was expecting the whole thing to be a nightmare but if you have the right comb, the lice and nits are easy to take out, it just requires a lot of patience. Since Zelda has really long hair, it took me 2 hours every time I would check her hair. I think Link had them first and he passed it on to Zelda because he had way more than Zelda did. I didn’t care how long it would take, I was not cutting Zelda’s hair. I heard from friends and family that many resort to that because they didn’t have the patience.

I guess it’s a ‘rite of passage’. Eventually every kid will get them. My mom told me I got them from my next door neighbor when I was 3 years old. My husband also got them when he was young. So it’s not uncommon but it’s still kinda embarrassing. Well, it happened. Hope it doesn’t again.

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