White Sands National Park, New Mexico

I’m seriously behind on my blogging but I’m slowly trying to catch up. Anyways, on our road trip last year, we stopped to check out the White Sands of New Mexico.

We arrived 2 hours before closing but maybe it was better for us. The sun was slowly setting which meant cooler weather. The only downside was that the Visitor Center and gift shop closed early. I would have loved to have known more info on the place and get a souvenir. There are signs outside with a little bit of history so that’s cool. I can’t recall if I wanted to go here or it was my husband. Either way, everyone loved it. We had fun.

The place is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Once we entered the park, we kept driving down the path until you start seeing patches of white sand. To me it looked like snow. Eventually the patches of white sand became bigger and became hills of just this white sand. Once we parked, I had to touch it. I have never felt such soft and fine sand in my life. What an odd texture. I was expecting it to feel like sand from the beach but it’s nothing like it. My kids thought it was snow for a moment until they touch it.

I felt I was on a different planet because it’s white sand, soft not grainy, no beach anywhere, no fishy smell, and it wasn’t windy. I loved it. And the view was just lovely. It felt surreal.

We couldn’t stay long since they close the park at sundown but we made the most of it and we got great pictures. Apparently you can stay overnight but due to Covid, it wasn’t allowed at the time.

Since we went on a weekday, there wasn’t a crowd. Felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves and it was nice but eerie in a way. It was a peaceful and isolated feeling being there but welcoming all together.

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