Visit to the ER

What a day. I waited 12 hours to see a doctor. 12 hours!!! It wasn’t all bad though. The ER is unpredictable. Social distancing is still very much enforced and only people that need to see the doctor can be in the waiting room. There was a lady that became very upset that her ‘bodyguard’ couldn’t stay with her. In the end, she left but not before yelling, “you’re all going to die”. Mostly everyone in that waiting room laughed including me.

As the night dragged on, I met a very lovely lady with red hair. We checked in at the same time. We started talking a bit and started talking with the security guard on duty. I tried not to fall asleep in case they called my name but I did for a bit. My lady friend was on alert. I was smart to bring a sweater because hospital waiting rooms tend to be cold but it got even colder as the night went on. My lady friend was also feeling the temperature change and went to her car to grab a blanket. She came back with two and gave me one. Around 3am, I was finally called to be put in a room. I was ready to give her the blanket when she told me to keep it. I thanked her for the blanket. I hope she didn’t have to wait any longer and that she managed to get that CAT scan. I never saw her again but her kindness stayed with me. I feel awful for forgetting her name but I do remember a face. A very kind lady.

The doctor pretty much confirmed that I’m going to need surgery to remove my fibroid. It’s kinda annoying because I waited that long for them not to really do anything. But I did get paperwork from my visit and it got the ball rolling faster. In the afternoon, I went to my primary doctor with the paperwork and he right away said that fibroid needs to be removed. He was more concerned since he had the most recent ultrasound results which shows that my fibroid is bigger than first noted. He was worried if I was in any sort of pain considering the size of the fibroid. My pain is mainly so much pressure on my pelvic area, random sharp back pain, and feeling bloated. It wasn’t until I went to the hospital that I notice how uncomfortable it is now and since it started, it hasn’t stopped. I literally feel as if I’m pregnant. Unfortunately it’s Friday and it’s Labor Day weekend which means I won’t hear back from my insurance until Tuesday.

So for now I wait, again. I was given pain meds but they don’t do much in my opinion. I’ll be taking it easy, more so than usual and avoid crouching and picking up anything heavy. It’s so weird because I feel pregnant but I’m not. I’m having serious body insecurities to the point that everything I wear just doesn’t look right and I hate the feelings I get when I look in the mirror. It’s hard, not going to lie but it’s hard to get ready and feel pretty.

I’m keeping busy and distracting myself. Seeing Halloween stuff at the stores makes me smile. I’m going to start working on the family costumes for our upcoming Disney trip.

Oh and I dyed my hair blue. I’ll be posting about that soon.

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