Arcticfox Hair Dye: Poseidon

I meant to touch up on the silver so how did I end up with blue hair? Simply put, I didn’t want to correct my yellow roots and I went blue instead. I came to the conclusion that I no longer want to bleach my roots. I want to grow out my hair and go back to my natural hair color….or something natural.

This last bleach session I was dreading on doing my roots. My hair looked fine honestly. The roots didn’t bother me but I guess I started thinking that my hair looked dirty so I should fix it.

I don’t know why I went through with it because I ended up damaging my hair so bad. While I was bleaching it, I wasn’t being careful as I usually am. The bleach overlapped in certain places. I experienced a lot of breakage and my hair felt so fragile and dead.

My hair was so compromised and I still had to apply bleach again to fix the light yellow roots. I decided not to and instead add a color over it and hopefully it covers the yellow roots.

I was thinking of doing purple again but I already did that plenty of times. I wanted something new. I went with blue.

Blue hair 2018

Technically, I’ve done blue before but it was from a different brand and it came out way too dark. My hair looked black with a blue undertone. I did not like it because it was too dark and it left my hair feeling so brittle and dry. I’m very familiar with the Arctic Fox brand, so I decided to try their blue color named Poseidon.

The first blue application I mixed with conditioner. Overall I was so happy with the results. It was a sky blue. The color didn’t last long though. I did my hair before leaving to our family trip. The color faded within a week. I was wetting my hair everyday.

After our trip and all other festivities, I finally touched up on the color but not before giving my hair some much needed TLC. After all the ocean water and bleach water, my hair was asking for help. I did a couple of hair treatments and afterwards I recolored my hair. This time I decided not to dilute the hair dye with conditioner. I was worried but I took a chance.

If I loved the sky blue shade, I loved this blue even better. They’re both pretty but I prefer the darker blue tone. Since it’s a darker color, it camouflages any sort of damage that’s visible with lighter hair which is great. This is the blue I wanted 3 years ago. I’m so happy with it.

For everything that I have put my hair through, I’m surprised I still have any. I already said no more bleach but that doesn’t mean I can’t change the hair that’s already colored. As the blue fades out, depending how I’m feeling, I might retouch the blue or move on to yellow! Even if I wanted to bleach my roots, my hair isn’t growing the pace it use to. I think my current health issue is affecting my hair growth. It’s sucks because now I want my roots to grow but they’re taking forever. It is what it is.

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