School Back in Session

This past week was like no other. Things are definitely different and somewhat complicated. With Covid still around, there are so many things that need to be done in order for the kids to safely go to school.

Before the kids can attend school, I had to go get them tested at their school. Zelda’s info was on record but oddly Links’ wasn’t. A staff told me because he was in the states’ preschool program. They were still able to test him. 2 days later I got their results and they are negative. They are good to go. I also needed to sign up to the Daily Pass app that allowed the kids to enter school. I already had everything set up when Zelda attended school last semester so I just needed to add Link to the account. His proved to be problematic but I managed to get him signed in by the 4th day.

First day of school was hectic when I dropped off Zelda. Long lines everywhere to get in. I tried accessing her daily pass and I couldn’t because the system kept crashing. Too many people on the server. I wasn’t even sure I was in the right line because one side was for students with the QR code and the other line was for students that didn’t have it. Eventually I moved and went to another line that was moving. I gave her a kiss and off she went. I wanted to go in with Zelda to help her find her teacher but luckily a staff member walked with her.

Zelda’s first week went great. Besides getting hit in the head with a soccer ball, she’s loved school. She has already made friends.

Link is still in preschool so he only goes to school for 3 hours. The first day went good. He didn’t cry and he went calmly with the teacher. The second day was different. Everything was great in the morning but once I mentioned school, he said, “no school”. He still went, crying, but he went. When I picked him up, we was happy. I asked the teacher if he was okay and she eased my worries saying everything was fine. He played and participated. I thought the 3rd day would be good but nope! He didn’t want to wear the mask and if he doesn’t wear the mask, he can’t go in. So after much struggle, I took him back home. I had to do errands, so we went along. I thought he was going to fight me on wearing the mask. He casually put it on. So I might have lost that round on letting him have his way but not the next day. I had to bribe him in a way. He likes using the iPad and he calls it ‘book’. So I said, “No school, no book. Yes school, yes book”. He got the message so on the 4th day, he still cried but he went to school. When I picked him up he was fine. On the 5th day, it was way better. He put on his mask and walked inside when the teacher called him forward. No struggle and no crying. So it was a roller coaster of a week for Link but we ended it on a good note and hopefully it continues when Monday rolls in.

We are adjusting as we go. All of this is new for everyone. I’m proud of my kids because they’re doing good. It’s not easy these changes. I was considering on having them home schooled again but I quickly shot that idea down because I don’t think it helped. Well, maybe they did learn some stuff but it’s not the same as if being in a classroom with a teacher and other students. In just one week I’m already seeing Link and Zelda being more social and open. We are being careful but I think ultimately it’s best that they returned to school.

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