123 Farm Lavender Fields

This year I really wanted to check out a flower field. I came across the 123Farm Lavender Field Festival of Cherry Valley.

It was a pretty warm day so once we arrived, we bought a couple of drinks and sat down in a nice shaded spot to enjoy our refreshments.

Zelda got a lavender lemonade, I got a lavender mojito and my husband got a lavender whiskey sour. All drinks were so delicious and refreshing.

After cooling down a bit, we went to check out the lavender field. Most of the lavender still hasn’t blossomed but we did find a nice section.

I thought it was pretty already. I can’t even imagine how beautiful it looks once all the lavender has bloomed.

After a little field walking, we checked what other things the festival had to offer. There was a petting zoo and a section for arts and crafts.

After painting and coloring, we bought food that also had lavender in it. I completely forgot to take pictures of our food since we were so hungry. By the time I remembered, we ate it all. For dessert, we got lavender cotton candy and lavender honey ice cream. So delicious.

After stuffing our faces, we sat down while the kids played chess.

The festival was so much fun. Plenty of things to do and plenty of places to sit down, relax, and enjoy the scenery. It wasn’t crowded since we went mid June but that’s because not all the lavender has bloomed. It’s recommended to go late July but I can only assume those days would be so crowned. We had a great time though.

The Lavender Festival ended this month but they do have the Lavender Market Nights starting September 2nd which I assume is the same thing, only that is at night. If you love lavender, you’ll definitely enjoy this event.

Location: 10600 Highland Springs Ave. Beaumont, CA, 92223

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