Shrine Hair Dye Drop: Silver

Hair time yet again. I was going to give Wella T18 another chance but I decided to try something else to tone/color my hair. After browsing for other healthier ways to tone my blonde hair, an advertisement of the brand Shrine appeared on my IG feed. They were promoting their new hair color which was Silver. After checking out their profile and seeing the different results of using their Silver hair dye, I took a chance and placed an order.

It arrived in 2 weeks. I wanted to use it right away but I waited until it was time to do my roots. After waiting another 2 weeks, it was time. I did smell it and the scent reminds me of Head & Shoulders Shampoo.

Originally I only wanted to buy the hair dye bottle, not the kit. The kit comes with the hair dye, the mixing bowl and a little mixing tool. The bottle by itself was sold out so I got the kit. It was only a few dollars more.

The way you use this hair dye is by mixing it with your choice of conditioner since it’s concentrated. You first pour the conditioner inside the bowl and then apply as many drops of the hair dye you like depending how light or dark you want to go. I used the color chart from the box as reference. I used the mixing bowl that came with the hair dye and filled it up almost all the way. I decided to put 20 drops of hair dye on the conditioner.

After mixing it well, I started applying it on my dry hair. I was worried certain parts would be patchy, so I made sure I applied the hair dye evenly by sectioning my hair as I kept applying it.

I left the hair dye for about 1 hour. The instructions say 15 mins but I thought the longer the better. Since it’s conditioner and the hair dye is vegan, it can’t be harmful to my hair. After washing the hair dye, I let my hair air dry and then styled it.

I’m impressed and in love with the results. The silver/gray looks so pretty. 20 drops was a good choice. 30 drops would have been too gray. When the sun hits it, it’s so shiny, so white, so silvery.

I took pictures inside and outside so you can see how the hair looks like in different lighting. I wasn’t excepting this hair product to tone my hair so beautifully. I love it. Another thing I love about this hair dye, my hair smells great because of the conditioner I used. Normally when I use a toner, like Wella, my hair has that chemical smell after washing it off. My hair smells great and it feels amazing.

I don’t think I have anything negative to say about this product. It worked so well. I didn’t think I would love it so much. I’m a happy customer.

Go check out my YouTube video:

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