The end of another school year

When school started in August 2020, I honestly thought it was going to be easy. I had set up a schedule for the kids and myself and was determined to follow it. What can go wrong? Well, the schedule only lasted 3 months and after winter break, if the kids woke up, they’ll attend zoom class. Bad mom, I know. Homeschooling proved way harder to me. I couldn’t do it and I’m admitting it. Parents that can, I applaud you.

When Zelda went back to school in April, I was so happy. We were both happy. I rather wake up early and drop off my kid to school. Link was still in Zoom class and I regret not having him go back to class. In the three months that Zelda was in class, she excelled and she loved every moment. I felt I deprived Link of that and I hate that I failed him. It’s only preschool but I still feel it’s an important learning stage. In the end, Link passed his first year of preschool and Zelda graduated from Kindergarten.

I’m not the perfect mom but I am a loving and caring one. Despite the difficult and tiring road to get here, we did it. I’m looking forward for the kids to be back in school in August and not stuck at home with an IPad.

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