New Hobby: Roller Skating

I randomly decided to buy a pair of roller skates and begin skating. My friend Evelyn inspired me and convinced me to hop on the roller skating thing. The last time I own a pair I was 10 years old. It’s exciting but scary to start something new.

I did my research regarding what pair of roller skates I wanted because there are many brands out there. I wanted to get Moxies but they were sold out everywhere and I didn’t want to pay so much from a third party seller. In the end I got the Chaya Melrose Elites and overall they’re comfy.Ideally I want to skate a little everyday but I can’t seem to manage my time well: mommy duties, kid’s zoom class, my online class and homework, bathroom remodeling, editing YouTube videos, and the occasional knee pain.

I’ve been recoding and documenting my progress. Even though I got my skates in January, I’ve only skated for 15 days. Pretty lame but I’ve seen improvement.

I made another Instagram account for only my roller skating journey. The roller skating community is so welcoming and inspirational. I think it only grew more because of Covid.

So even though I’m horrible at time management I’ll keep at it.

If you want to check out my roller skating skills:

Instagram: kari.n.sk8s

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