Wella T18 Toner

Hair time!

Originally I was going to touch up my roots and dye my hair blue but when I walked into Sally’s, I changed my mind. In the very last minute, I decided to buy 2 boxes of Wella T18 toner in lightest ash blonde. Why? Because I wanted to give it another go. I guess maybe to prove to myself that I have gotten better at doing my own hair since the last time I used T18. So it was a test for myself.

Products used:

  • 2 boxes of Wella T18 toner
  • Ion Brilliance Sensitive Scalp 20 Volume Creme Developer
  • Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo
  • Ion Pre-Color Treatment

I damped my hair and applied the Ion Pre-Color Treatment all over my hair. I started applying the toner to my roots in the front and worked my way back. Afterwards, I began applying the toner to the rest of my hair. The toner turned into a pretty light purple color but I wasn’t alarmed since I’ve used this toner before. I left this on for 15 minutes and washed it off after. I let my hair air dry and style the next day.

After seeing how it looked dry and styled, it’s definitely an improvement from the first time I applied T18. I did notice that my roots had a little tint of yellow though. So annoying. I’m wondering why; maybe my roots weren’t light enough but I thought they were. I was planning on leaving it like that but then I decided to buy purple shampoo and only use it on the yellow parts of my hair, hoping it fixes the yellow. I did apply the purple shampoo and let it process for about 10 minutes. I could have left it on longer but I was worried it was going to stain my hair purple. I did apply purple shampoo to the rest of my hair while I was in the shower and left it on for a minute. Overall, I didn’t see much difference. I think it made my roots look more yellow though. At this point, I’m just going to let it be and deal with it on my next root touch up. T18 is a pretty toner and I like how my hair looks. It’s so light, but the fact that it’s so light, I feel the urge to put color on it. My hair is a clear canvas and it’s asking for color. I’m considering it for next time but I do want to give T18 another shot and this time mix it with a little bit of Wella cooling violet 050. I have read that adding too much 050 can make the hair gray. Personally, if that happens, I won’t be mad.

Go check out my video so you can see the process live.

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