Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

When I was pregnant, I would use Palmer’s Cocoa Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks. It’s a thick formula and it would leave my skin feeling soft for many hours. The smell was amazing since it would linger for a long time as well.I kept using it after giving birth. I do think it helped with my stretch marks and made them fade a little. During Summer time though, it was too thick to use, so I decided to try Palmer’s Cocoa Formula Skin Therapy Oil. I would apply this on my stretch marks at first. I don’t like applying oil on my body because it feels slimy. It feels as if I have a slippery layer on top of my skin that doesn’t get absorb unless I wipe it off or wash it off. The Skin Therapy Oil is different. My skin would absorb it in 5 minutes after applying it. My body still held moisture minus the slippery feeling. I was hooked. I started applying it all over my body and face. My skin and face felt amazing and I do think it evened out my skin tone in certain parts. Any dry patches I had were gone. The scent is the same as the Tummy Butter which I love. The bottle is almost $10 but it’s worth it since it makes my skin feel so soft. During summer time, I love applying it on my legs because it gives them a nice shine. When I ran out, I looked online to buy another bottle and I discovered the Moisturizing Body Oil. Before buying it, I compared the ingredients to the Skin Therapy Oil. They are not the same but I still decided to purchase it to give it a try since it’s from the same brand.

After I applied it the first time, I knew it was different. It still made my skin feel soft but my skin felt dry after the oil was absorbed. Weird because it’s oil. I think this formula is a ‘watered down’ version from the Skin Therapy Oil. In one day, I would reapply 3 more times. The Skin Therapy Oil leaves your skin moisturized way longer than the Moisturizing Body Oil.

Regarding the scent, it still smelled like coconut but I can smell a hint of the sesame and soybean which I wasn’t a fan of. I always pictured a salad whenever I would apply the oil.

Another issue I had was the cap on this bottle. I don’t understand why they didn’t put a pump on this one like the Skin Therapy Oil since it’s so runny. I try to be careful not to spill any but even then, some oil would run down the bottle and leave oil on the dresser or wherever I had it placed. I ended up going to Daiso to get myself a bottle with a pump. Once I run out of this, I won’t be purchasing again. I’ll switch back to the Skin Therapy Oil. Price wise, the Moisturizing Body Oil is cheaper and you get more ounces but I like the Skin Therapy formula better.

Overall, if your skin isn’t dry like mine, then the Moisturizing Body Oil is a good pick. If you can get past the settled sesame and soybean smell, then great.

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