Pokémon Card Collecting…Again

I use to collect Pokémon cards back in 1999. I would collect everything. This time around, I just want ‘cute cards’ or what I think is ‘cute’. Example: Pikachu, Eevee, Ampharos and Jigglypuff just to name a few. My amazing friend Franz is a huge Pokémon card collector and fan and he ends up giving me ‘cute cards’ he doesn’t want. I’m slowly falling into that rabbit hole but not quite yet. I personally haven’t bought anything big besides some individual cards from my local card shop. It’s crazy how some ‘cute cards’ are really pricy. It can be a very expensive hobby.With Pokémon 25th anniversary going on, I do think a lot of people are joining in on the hype, good and bad. Good because you meet other people with the same hobby as you but bad because there are people out there buying packs/boxes just to make a profit which affect true fans that just want to collect cards. Overall, I love Pokémon and it’s great that my kids love it too. I sometimes log in on the Pokémon Go App and my kids help me catch Pokémon. It is so tempting to buy a certain pack or box but the chances of me pulling a ‘cute card’ aren’t that great. I’m not really lucky when it comes to those type of things. I rather leave that to my friend and if I see a ‘cute card’ for a good price, I’ll buy it then.

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