Wella T10 Toner

Starting the New Year with a fresh new look. I was thinking of staying with the green but I was feeling so uninspired. I love the green hair but I wanted to do something different.

I wanted a clean canvas to start the new year. I decided to try the Wella T10 toner in Pale Blonde.

Products used:
  • Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bond Enforcing lightener 9+ dust free powder
  • Schwarzkopf 20 developer
  • Ion Brilliance Pre-color treatment
  • Ion Brilliance sensitive scalp 20 developer
  • 2 Wella T10 toner Pale Blonde
  • The first step was to bleach my roots. My hair had to be pale yellow so I can apply the T10 toner. I started applying the bleach from the back of my head and work my way to the front. I had a little bleach left so I created a bleach wash and added this to the rest of my hair to remove the green. After washing it off, my roots still looked yellow. I applied bleach again and this time around I started from the front of my head and moved back. I had bleach left over so I applied on areas of my hair that still looked green.

    After washing the second application of bleach, my hair was ready for toner but I decided to wait the next day to apply it. I put black castor oil on my scalp and hair, wrapped my hair up, and went to bed. You gotta give your scalp love.

    The next day I hopped in the shower and got my hair damped ready for toner. I only meant to leave the toner on for 15 minutes but I ended up going over by 10 more minutes. I lost track of time. I was a little worried since the toner turned very dark. I washed it off and hoped everything was okay. After washing it off, the hair looked good. I put some black castor oil on the hair, went to bed, and styled it in the morning. The hair color came out pretty. I’m not upset about it. I managed to bleach and tone my roots and I got all the green out of my hair. So I’m very happy with the results. Maybe next time I won’t leave the toner for as long as I did. Other than that, I like the new hair color.

    I made a YouTube video about this, go check it out 😆 this blog is pretty straight forward regarding what I did but in the video I show the whole process.

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