My Watch List: The Queen’s Gambit

Whenever I get free time, I try to watch an episode or 2 of a show. Depending on the content, I can only watch it late night or on my phone since I don’t want the kids seeing what I’m seeing. While browsing on Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit caught my eye. I didn’t bother watching the trailer and just dived in. The opening of the show pulled me in and I was hooked.

Basically the series is about Beth Harmon, who becomes an orphan hooked on meds who learns how to play chess from the janitor before she gets adopted. Beth enters a local chess tournament, wins, and it’s the beginning of her journey to become the world’s best chess player and defeat the reigning champion. Sounds simple but there’s so much more to the series.

I fell in love with Harmon. She’s awkward but she has a charm to her. The way she develops in the series is great to see. Another thing that’s great to see is her outfits. I loved almost all her looks. I’m a sucker for fashion even though I lack on that department.Overall, I enjoyed the series. I loved the empowerment of a young woman dominating on a game mainly played by men. It was somewhat satisfying seeing when some men did not take lightly losing to Beth. By the end of the series, I wanted to start playing chess again. The series made chess look so cool, not that it wasn’t before.

I did not like that the series was so short: only 7 episodes. I avoided watching the last 2 episodes because I didn’t want to finish the series so quick. I did finish the series and in the end, I wanted to cut and dye my hair red like Harmon. I didn’t though but I think I might in the future.

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