‘Tis the Season of Bad Allergies

Around this time last year I got really really sick with the flu. I made sure to get my flu shot this year and I think it helped. There was something else that put a dark cloud over my head and that was allergies. I have never experienced such; it’s not as bad as the flu but still was unpleasant. My sinuses were such a bother. I thought it was a cold which maybe it was. The cold went away and I was stuck with a runny nose for almost 2 weeks. One day I would feel better and the next I would feel so down. The weirded part was that only the left side of my face hurt and that nasty green mucus would come out from the left nostril as well. I started feeling discomfort on my left ear and I was hoping that discomfort didn’t turn into pain. Luckily it didn’t. I’m still not 100% but I am feeling better little by little. My mom dropped by with antibiotics since she suspected I had a sinus infection. Maybe I did and I took the antibiotics. I’m still taking it easy though, well it’s not like I can go anywhere. Los Angeles is on a strict lockdown for 3 weeks. It’s okay though, stay home, drink tea or hot chocolate, and watch a bunch of Christmas movies.

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