Halloween 2020

We started our morning going to Target for their Boo Avenue Drive Thru. The kids were dressed up in their Pikachu onesies. I wasn’t planning on dressing up but I changed my mind last minute and decided to get my Nurse Joy cosplay out of the closet. We got there early so we went to Target to walk around. After a little shopping, we got in the car and waited for the event to start. It was okay and the kids got treats so it wasn’t bad. I asked Zelda if she wanted to go anywhere else. She wanted to go home and watch Pokemon. So we went home and I started cleaning the backyard. 

Trick or Treating was cancelled this year but I still wanted the kids to partake in the activity right here at home. I decorated the backyard and set up tables with candy; candy stations. I invited my closest friends to celebrate with us. 

Everyone did a costume change and originally we were going to be the skeleton family but Zelda wanted to be Rapunzal. This day is for the kids so as long as the kids were happy, I’m happy.

Overall, everyone had a good time. I went overboard on the candy thinking more kids were going to show up. Alas we had so much candy, we went outside to see if anyone was Trick or Treating. Not a soul in sight. I’ll be handy out a bunch of candy the next couple of days to friends and family because why not.

This Halloween was different but we made the best of it and the kids were happy. Times are rough right now but all the more reason to celebrate the holidays and bond more with the family.

Happy Halloween 🎃👻

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