Family Roadtrip 2020

For our family trip this year, we ventured out East from California. Our friend was going to visit his brother that lives in El Paso, Texas so we tagged along. We left on a Friday night and drove 11+ hours nonstop. We arrived on Saturday morning at 10:30am. We were tired but happy we made it. We didn’t do much but enjoy a dip in the pool and a couple of drinks to relax. The next day we went to the outlet stores of El Paso and did a little shopping. After walking around a little more, we drove to Fort Bliss and checked out the tanks outside Fort Bliss Museum. The kids every much enjoyed seeing such big machinery in person.On our 3 day, we drove up to New Mexico to explore the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I was worried tickets would be sold out since we got there around 1pm. We didn’t have to worry because there was still plenty of tickets. This place….wow. It’s definitely something to check out. My husband found out about this place and I’m so glad we went. I’ll be writing a separate post of this place because it just takes your breath away.

On 4 day we drove again to New Mexico to check out The White Sands National Park. We got there kinda late but in time to check out the sunset. I felt like I was on a different planet. This sand was different. Never have I ever seen white sand and the way it feels is soft. Not your average beach sand. We didn’t want to leave but we had to once it got dark. Day 5 we took off from Texas and started driving to the Grand Canyon. We left at 4:30am and we made it to Arizona around 1pm. We were an hour away from the Grand Canyon when our car started acting up. The steering wheel felt stiff, the dashboard lights started flickering, and the odometer was going crazy. The moment we pulled to the side of the road, the car was dead. We were an hour away from the Grand Canyon and 20 mins away to the closest city. Luckily we had AAA but we were in the middle of nowhere, we waited close to 3 hours for a driver to show up. Due to Covid, we couldn’t ride with the driver and there were no Ubers or other car services that can help us because we were such a large party. Our last resort was to call the police. In the end, we put our brains together to figure out the car situation and came to the conclusion that it was the alternator that gave out. Our AAA driver plugged in a portable battery and it was enough juice to drive the car to the nearest AutoZone to buy a new alternator and drive the car to the mechanics. We were so grateful for our AAA driver. We thanked him and tipped him for the trouble. The mechanic told us the car might be ready the next day if they don’t run into any other issues. So we booked a hotel close to walking distance and tried to be positive of the situation. The hotel was lovely and we got dinner and breakfast included with our stay.

The next day we got breakfast at the hotel, packed up, and checked out. We walked it to the mechanic shop and were hoping the car was ready. We didn’t have to wait long. The car was repaired. We were all very much happy and excited to continue our roadtrip. We continued the day driving to the Grand Canyon. We entered the national park around 2:30pm. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon in movies and pictures but seeing it in person is definitely a must. Very gorgeous and surreal. We drove around to find great picture spots. We settled on a spot and watched the Sunset. We said goodbye to the Grand Canyon around 8pm and drove to Vegas, our last stop.

We arrived close to midnight at Las Vegas and I was honestly tired. We checked in to our hotel and I was hoping I would get energy to gamble a little on some slot machines. In the end, we didn’t leave the room. We ordered Postmates, ate, and went to bed. The next day we packed up and we were thinking of exploring Vegas but it was just too hot. Out of all the places we have been on this journey, Vegas was the hottest, so we decided to drive back home to California. I’ve been to Las Vegas before so I wasn’t bummed out on leaving. Now looking back, we shouldn’t have stopped in Las Vegas; I honestly just wanted to add one more stop to our trip.

In the end, this was a wonderful roadtrip. Some bumps along the road but none the less adventurous. I know this isn’t the best time to travel due to Covid but we did practice safe social distancing. Besides the Grand Canyon and outlet stores, every other place was empty. Everywhere we went, people wear a mask and they would keep to themselves. If they weren’t wearing a mask, they would be respectful on keeping their distance.All in all, this trip was awesome. I was worried that my kids weren’t going to like it but they enjoyed everything. Can’t wait for the next family adventure.

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