Corner Wall Makeover

Plants are slowly taking over my home. I started out in the restroom. Now they’re in my room and in the livingroom. I don’t think I can buy anymore unless I find ways to make space for them.

I was watching a movie in the livingroom when I looked to the corner and I got a crazy idea; a corner plant oasis. I always tried filing up this corner but I was never really happy how it looked. I recently put the glass display case there and I thought it looked good there. It’s not a hazard since i’s not in the way. I started putting plants on top and next to it but I though the space can be used better. After much thought, I moved the display case next to the TV and started with my project.

Look at all that wall space. I wasn’t sure how I was going to arrange the shelves so I started brainstorming making sure I didn’t drill any unnecessary holes in the wall.

The wood shelves with the black metal brackets I got from Amazon, the black squares from Target about 3 years ago, and the wallscapes are the ones I got recently from Moskatels on clearance and painted them white.

I am in love with this corner. It came out better than I expected. Besides the Calathea plants, I know all the other ones will love this spot. I added some family pictures and a little of home decor. I might buy another plant stand in case I decide to get more plants but for now I’m very much happy.

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