Wallscape Planter Alteration

On my last trip to DTLA, I found these ceramic wallscape planters on clearance at Moskatels. They were $1.50 each! I got 6 in total. I didn’t like the original color but that can easily be fixed by just painting them. It took 6 to 7 coats of white acrylic paint to fully cover the light blue. 

So my plants wouldn’t be too deep inside the pot, I cut the end of a plastic water bottle and put that piece inside the pot. My plant now sticks out nicely and it helps too with any issues of overwatering. 

I’m very happy how these turned out.

I might have bought more than I needed since I don’t know where I’m going to be placing them but I couldn’t deny myself such a bargain on these. I’m sure I’ll find great spots for them.

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