Date Day with the Husband

Businesses close early because of Covid-19 so I thought it was a good idea to have a date day with my husband. One of our good friends was available to babysit for a few hours while my husband and I had time for ourselves.

We decided to go to Downtown LA again and visit my friend. This time around we got there early to check out Moskatels which I was so happy it was open. I restocked on pots and saucers. I wanted to check out their Halloween decor but they still had plenty of Spring and Summer decor which was marked at 70% off. I’m coming back soon once their Halloween stuff is up.

After Moskatels, we went across the street to check out the plant shop. I only meant to browse around and not buy anything but I did.

After buying plants, we grabbed coffee and ordered food to-go. We took the food back to my friend’s place and hung out a bit more. She started giving us a course of whiskey which was educational and entertaining. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye but it was fun.

We arrived home before 7pm and picked up the kids. The day wasn’t over so we continued drinking in the comfort of our home.

Overall it was a nice date. We both enjoyed it and very much appreciated the time spend together. This pandemic has gotten our family closer but I think my husband and I should still have our quality time together with no kids.

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