ArcticFox Violet Dream and Virgin Pink

My hair faded out and it was time to bleach my roots. I was only thinking of using Violet Dream but I had Virgin Pink so I decided use that too.

I retouched my roots by applying bleach twice. I had bleach left over so I applied it on some parts of my hair that had blue from using Periwinkle last time. I washed off the bleach and was happy that most of the color was gone and my roots were nice and pale yellow. Time to add color.I mixed Violet Dream and Virgin Pink together and diluted with conditioner. The mixture is more Violet Dream but Virgin Pink is more vibrant so it took over the purple. I left the dye on for 1 hour and then washed it off.My hair came out pink. It’s not what I wanted but I think it’s pretty. Maybe when it starts fading, the purple will show up but I doubt it since Violet Dream has pink undertones. I still have plenty of Violet Dream and Virgin Pink. I gravitate towards purple so next time I’ll use Violet Dream by itself and not dilute it but I think I’m going to use up all of Virgin Pink just to get it over with.

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