Mini Girls Day

About a week ago I visited one of my good friends that lives in the heart of Los Angeles. We haven’t seen each other since April and it was nice to meet up and hang out for a mini girls day.

The afternoon was calm and lovely. We got to catch up on each other’s lives by enjoying a few drinks at her place and then we took a walk around downtown LA.

Halloween decor is already being put on the shelves in some spots so I figured maybe Moskatels would have a lot of stuff. Due to Covid-19, businesses close early so when we arrived in the entrance of the store, they had just closed at 3pm. I was a little bummed out but I quickly got over it because the plant store across the street was still open.

The last time I was here they had so many flowers and succulents. This time around, they have so many houseplants and a little bit of succulents. I fell in love and I did grab 5 houseplants. I was expecting to pay about $30 and it ended up being less than $20. I was a happy customer and indeed I’ll be going back for more.

On the next block we grabbed some coffee at a cute coffee shop, sat down outside and chatted for a bit.

We headed back to my friends place and started talking again and before long, we had to say goodbye but I asked her if she wanted to come with since there was a bbq in the making. So we drove to my home, ate, chatted some more then it was time for her to head home.

It was so much fun and peaceful. I really needed this small break from my regular routine. I felt rejuvenated in a way.

I know times are rough right now but don’t forget to give time for yourself. Love yourself first =^.^=

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