3+ year old pothos in 4inch pot

About a month ago I started trimming my pothos so I can propagate. This was my first houseplant I bought about 3+ years ago and it’s been in the same spot all those years. I recently started moving plants around the house trying to find good spots for them and I thought it was time to move this one. I took the pothos outside to inspect the inside of the pot and to my utter surprise and shock, the inside was all roots! Literally all roots and no dirt. I felt so bad because this pothos wanted to expand and be in a bigger pot and I kept it in a 4 inch pot this whole time. I would take care of the outside but neglected the inside.

After trimming it, I put it in a bigger pot. I’m hoping it doesn’t die on me now that it has space to grow even bigger. The leaves did feel rubbery at first but now they feel smooth. The change was a shock but I’m glad the pothos is doing better. I got a couple of people telling me to loosen the roots first by gently rising them with water before repotting. I was thinking of doing that but the plant is doing well so I’ll leave it be. It’s been through a lot.

I’m slowly learning how to become a good plantmom.


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