ArcticFox Periwinkle and Purple Rain

Periwinkle and Girls Night was a pretty combo but it didn’t last long. I’m not sad though since I like trying new stuff. I still had some Periwinkle left so I mixed it with a little of Purple Rain. I diluted the mixture with conditioner so the mixture wouldn’t come out so dark. I left this on for about 1 hour and then washed it off.The end results is pretty. It’s more purple than blue this time around. Periwinkle is blue base and Purple Rain has pink tones so it created a nice light purple color with some blue in certain spots. I actually liked this mixture better. This color combo did last longer but eventually it started to fade as well.

I still have Purple Rain left so I’ll use the rest of it and possibly mix it with Violet Dream. I’m trying to get all the purple out of my system lol =^.^=

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