ArcticFox Periwinkle and Girls Night

It was finally that time to dip my hair in color. My hair was light enough to try out Arcticfox Periwinkle and Girls Night. My plan was to combine these two colors to make a nice lavender color. The mixture is mainly Periwinkle with a little of Girls Night. I diluted the mixture by adding conditioner. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I was just hoping it came out okay. Once I applied the first mixture on my roots, I made a second batch but I ran out of Girls Night so I added more conditioner so Periwinkle wouldn’t be so bright. After leaving this on my hair for one hour, I washed it off and let my hair air dry. After styling, I was surprised but happy how it turned out.It’s not what I had in mind but I’ll take it. I did an ombré effect accidentally. This color combo is so pretty but it doesn’t last long. I did notice that sun exposure does strip the color from my hair. After washing my hair a week later, it faded further. I didn’t mind. My ends were so light, they were literally white! Never did I ever think I would have white hair.

I could touch up the color again but I want to try other combos. Since I ran out of Girls Night, next time I’ll mix the rest of Periwinkle with Purple Rain to get a light purple.

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