How I bleach my roots

After many trials and errors, I think I finally know how to bleach my own roots. I’m not a professional and I’m still learning and perfecting my skills. Watching other YouTube videos help but eventually I found a technique that works for me.

Sectioning is a must so I don’t miss a single spot. It takes me about 5 minutes but it’s worth it because it makes it easier to apply bleach. While I’m sectioning, I also comb my hair out. I make sure I don’t have any knots. Besides the bathroom mirror, I also use another mirror so I’m able to see the back of my head. It can still be troubling and tricky but I’m getting the hang of it. The mixture of the bleach is the same as others, 2:2 ratio. This brand though, Blond Me Schwarzkopf, in my opinion was thicker so I added more developer. For touching up roots, I use a smaller brush so I don’t overlap and you gotta have gloves. I start from the back of my head and work my way to the front. After applying bleach on my roots, I’m constantly checking on it. Once I feel that it looks pale yellow, I wash the bleach off. Sometimes I need another round of bleach. There was a yellow banding so I had to apply bleach again and despite being so thorough on my sectioning, I still missed a spot! So another round of bleach it is and I also dragged it down to certain spots on my ends that were still yellow. I don’t blow dry my hair because that’s just more unnecessary damage to the hair. I simply put bleach on damp hair. It’s kinda like a bleach bath since the hair is damp and it’s still processing.

So after all that work, the bleach process is done! I’m ready for color but I give my scalp a rest by applying any hair treatment I have available. Hair comes from the scalp so you gotta give your scalp love.

I made a YouTube video on this. Go check it out =^.^=

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