Bathroom Plants Update

I love seeing my plants in the bathroom but I wanted more. I want the bathroom to look like an indoor garden. I waited a few months to add more plants in there because I wasn’t sure if they would thrive. Most of my succulents died since those need plenty of light so I moved them outside but the rest seem to like the spot. I ended up transplanting some because they were getting too big which is good. I moved some to the livingroom and my room. So to fill up the empty spots, I bought more plants and I bought another set of shelves to put more plants. The first set of shelves can only hold 4in pots so I needed bigger shelves to hold 6in pots. I found a great set on Amazon. After rearranging the old shelves with the new ones, I like how it turned out.

So the bathroom is slowly becoming more greener. I think I’m done for now. I might add a small shelf above the shower head or hang a pothos.

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