Hard fruit shell turned into a Pot

I’ve been getting into plants lately. Well, I’ve always been into plants but more now than usual. I think a lot more people are too right now because of the pandemic. People are trying to keep themselves busy at home. I say this because I never had an issue finding pots at Home Depot, Walmart, or Lowe’s. On my last trip to these stores, there were no pots at all! I was baffled and a little annoyed so when I got home, I started looking around for anything I can use to repot some plants. I painted some, drilled holes into tin buckets and used a hard fruit shell I took from Guatemala and turned it into a pot.

I was worried I was going to break the shell so I was careful not to apply too much pressure. Added fertilizer and planted a Begonia Rex on it. I love how this turned out. I would have taken more of these from my trip had I known I can make them into pots.

I ended up ordering 4in pots from Amazon. I didn’t need them after all but I still kept them because I’m trying to propagate some house plants and I got lucky with two stems I cut off from one of my pothos. So I will be using those pots soon. Plant Life =^.^=

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