Small Outdoor Bedroom Window DIY

I’ve been doing a lot of organizing these past few months and lately my passion for plants and flowers have been growing. I wanted a nice view of my bedroom window so I decided to give it a small touch up.

I love how the purple bougainvillea is growing in the front yard so I decided to get an imperial delight bougainvillea($6.48) and yellow bougainvillea($6.48). I placed the wood barrel trellis ($15.48, Home Depot) in the middle and hope they grow big and intertwine with each other.

For the window, I originally wanted a rectangle wooden box but the ones at Home Depot were too small. I wanted it to be deep enough to actually grow flowers and have them established, not just have them for a bit and then die. So I either had to make my own box or do something different. On my last trip to the 99 cent store, I found these hanging basket pot rail holders for 2 dollars each. I bought 2. I also bought 2 plastic pots and the flowers there as well. My total was 10 dollars.

I wasn’t thinking of using these here but after testing out how sturdy they hold up, I love the results. 

The last part was installing 2 hanging plant brackets ($3.98 each, Home Depot) which I required help from my husband. We installed one on each side of the window. After that, I hanged a metal basket planter ($8.48 each, Home Depot) on each side. The flowers were on clearance for $1.50 each so I grabbed two. I had an idea in my mind and I made some changes here and there but I love how everything turned out. It was completed within a few hours. I was thinking of going with only white flowers but I thought that was so boring and plain since the house is white already. I wanted color so I got yellow, pink, white, and red flowers. I’m not even a fan of red flowers but I wanted red.My cat loves it since once in a while she see a butterfly or bee on the flowers. I’m so happy with the outcome. This side of the house is neglected so I’m glad I added some green and color.

PS. My total for this DIY cost $66.36 +tax

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