Cosplay Time: Riza Hawkeye

Cosplay time! Since I’m still blonde, I thought maybe I should dress up as another character I like.

Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime about two bothers searching for the Philosopher Stone. On their journey, they meet people and make friends but also encounter foes seeking the stone for their own selfish purpose. The anime is entertaining but some parts are sad it made me cry. This was back in 2003; I think I was 15 years old. 6 years later the series gets a remake and this time around it follows the manga books. The second remake in my opinion is way better and it does have an actual ending unlike the first series. In this anime I admired Riza Hawkeye. She is another badass character. She’s charming, funny, nice, an excellent shooter, and loyal to a fault. She was someone I wanted to dress up as a long time ago but my sewing skills weren’t that good back then and I didn’t have money to just throw away on a costume. Better late than never.

It’s been years since the anime premiered but I still remember the story line and characters clearly and her character has always stuck out as being unforgettable. So here’s my tribute and my cosplay version of Riza Hawkeye.

I don’t do my eyebrows because it’s just another step that I don’t want to do when putting makeup on. I will shape them when I’m dressing up though. I can see how “cleaner” it makes me look when my eyebrows are drawn in, shaped, and colored. I just go a little extra when cosplaying and I love it.

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