Alcohol-free for a Month, Unintentional

So it’s been a month since I drank alcohol. It wasn’t intentional since every time I tell myself I’m not going to drink, I end up drinking more than usual. I think the last time I over did it because it left me not wanting to drink at all.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing though. With the virus going around with no cure, I don’t want to lower my immune system, which drinking too much alcohol can do just that.

For some, a month isn’t much but personally to me, I’m proud of myself. I have noticed a change in my energy, attitude, and body. It feels great and I feel great. I was thinking of celebrating by having a light drink but I didn’t have the urge to. I made a virgin mojito instead. I’ve been making these lately and with the warm weather, they’re perfect.

So I’ll see when I get the urge to reach out for a drink. Maybe for my birthday which is less than a month. If bars reopen by then, I might get a drink or two but no pressure.

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