Fun Kid Activity: Kinetic Sand

Keeping the kids busy all day is hard. I can give them the IPad and they’ll be happy. You wouldn’t hear a peep from them unless the iPad dies or when they’re hungry. But I don’t want their heads being stuck on a screen all day. That’s not good parenting even though they’re watching learning programs. Physical learning is very important; kids need to go play outside, play with toys, and learn with objects.

Today was a nice day so we went to the backyard to play with kinetic sand. We got this off Amazon. The texture is sand but it holds shapes pretty well and no need for water. Even I joined in because I like touching it; its an unusual texture. The kids very much like it. We can play this indoors but I kinda don’t like it when it falls on the floor. It still feels like sand so I vacuum just in case. But other than that, it’s fun. The kids played for a long time until it was time to go inside.

My kids are small so it doesn’t bother them that we’re home all day. Zelda sometimes ask me why we can’t go to school or the store. I try to explain it in a way that she understands and she does. I try to make staying home fun and so far it’s been okay. Taking it one day at a time.

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