Happy Indoor Easter Day

Hope everyone is having a fun but safe Easter Day. We could have been in our pjs all day but we still got ready for pictures so I can send them to the grandparents. Zelda is actually wearing a dress that my mother-in-law gave me when Leslie, Zelda’s aunt, was small. I’m sure they would have loved to have seen her in person but better to be safe. So pictures would do. As long as the kids had their Easter baskets, they’re happy. Today was a gloomy day and knowing that we didn’t have to go anywhere, we started the day late. My husband and I were planning on hiding the eggs in the backyard but the cloudy weather didn’t give us the motivation to do it. So we’ll save the confetti eggs for a sunny day. The kids didn’t care since they were busy opening the eggs inside their Easter baskets.

It actually felt nice staying home. It was stress-free. I’m not saying that holidays are stressful but they actually are, especially for a me. I always wake up early and try to manage my time because we visit both grandparents houses every time and I try not to lose my composure but when you’re dealing with kids and family members, sometimes it can be hectic and I try to keep my cool but deep inside I just want to stay home and chill. So I didn’t mind it at the least staying in. Happy Easter Everyone and stay safe =^.^=

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