Wella T28 Toner

It was time to touch up on my roots and tone my hair. I very much loved the Wella T11 toner but I wanted to try something new. This time around I picked the Wella T28 toner.

Originally called Princess Blonde, the T28 is a silver toner that’s now called Natural Blonde. This toner was interesting because I read that hair needs to be prelighten to the yellow stage, not pale yellow, yellow. So I was a little curious how that was going to work out.

So I bleached my roots and some parts were yellow. Normally, I would apply a second application of bleach on the yellow spots but I didn’t.

So I was ready to tone but then I noticed I didn’t have enough 20 developer. When I mixed the bottle of toner, its suppose to be 1:2 ratio, 1 part toner, 2 parts developer. I only had 1 part of 20 developer. So I ended up using 10 developer for the other part. So my first mixture of the toner was 1 part toner, 1 part 20 developer and 1 part 10 developer. I was nervous but there’s no turning back. I applied this on my roots. I left this on for about 15 minutes before applying toner to the rest of my hair. The second bottle of toner was used with 10 developer and I applied this on the rest of my hair. I left the toner on for an additional 10 to 15 minutes. Time to shower.

After washing the toner off, I honestly wasn’t sure if I liked it. Certain parts didn’t look even or it looked darker then the rest of my hair. I applied oil on my hair and decided to style it the next day and hopefully it looked okay.

After styling, I thought it looked okay. I do see a little bit of silver tones but nothing dramatic. Its suppose to be a Natural Looking Blonde which I do think it does look like that. It’s darker than the T11 in my opinion. I don’t think its that noticeable but next time I’m just going to bleach my roots one last time. Would my results be different if I used 20 developer? I don’t know. I’m not disappointed with the results though.

Lighting has a lot to do with it. Depending where I was at, it either looked neutral, a little silver or a natural blonde. The roots didn’t bother me as much but I wonder if they would have been lighter have I used 20 developer completely.

I would like to try this toner again but I like trying new things. Maybe next time I’ll try my hands on the Wella T10 or T14.

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